My favorite blogger

Probably this aren't my best drawings but I though it was going to be nice if I did something for my favorite blogger, hope all you like it and please go and check her Blog

Featuring Stella from:

I love her style, she is fabulous and she knows how to rock her outfits. her blog is just lovely.



Goodbye Summer

Hello everyone, how have you been?
I'm very excited cause tomorrow the orientation day on my new school, can't wait to meet my new classmates and my teachers.

Dress and Handbag- Ralph Lauren
Sandals- Steve Madden
-Ella <3


Night Out

This is one of my favorite outfits. I love the top  I can wear it for a casual day or a night out it only depends of the accessories, also the blazer makes it look more elegant and of course the bag gives the outfit a special touch with the contrast of colors.

Blazer- Ben de Lisi
Top- H&M
Pants- Tripp
Handbag- Lanvin
Shoes- Nordstrom.com
Necklace- Hottopic

-Ella <3


Time Traveler

Sun Dress- Primark
Necklace and Earrings - Ralph Lauren


She is the girl with the bright blue pants

Hello everyone I just wanted to let you know that today i'm so happy and I don't know why.

Top- Forever21+
Pants- Dorothy Perkins
Necklace- Chico's
Bracelet- Hottopic
Shoes- Bought at Nordstrom.com

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile

-Ella <3


Fun, Cute & Fabulous

Hello everyone, I want you all to meet Paola, she is one of my bests friends. She is a very talented and creative person. I always love what she is wearing because she knows exactly how to project her lovely personality.

Necklace made by her.
Have a wonderful week