Hello everyonee!!! how are you guys doing? i know its been a while since I last post something, it's finals week and i've been like crazy working on my projects and last week i had a cold but i'm feeling much better now.

 So Today I woke up and the day was really sunny and beautiful then i started getting ready for school and my mom just came into my room and said -it's snowing outsidee!!!- and the first thing i did was take really warm jacket put on my boots and take a hat and a scarf and went out to take some pictures.

The crazy thing abut the weather is that on saturday we where at 30ÂșC and today the snow came from nowhere but the day was still really beautiful and cold.

Not so stylish pictures but i'm wearing
Jacket-Liz claiborne
Scarf & socks- Gap
Hat- Betsy Johnson
Boots- Ugg Australia
have a lovely day


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